Service Contracts

Representing the Service Industries

Laborers’ Local 341 is proud to represent service workers in the federal government and private industries.  If you are a public employee for the State of Alaska, you may be represented by our Public Employees, Local 71,

Service Contract Act

The service contract industry covers a vast area of service functions performed by contractors for the federal government. It excludes construction, manufacturing or providing goods. The Service Contract Act provides for the determination of locally prevailing wage rates and fringe benefits. In 1972, LIUNA was successful in having the SCA amended to also provide for recognition of collectively bargained wage rates and fringe benefits as prevailing on a contract-by-contract basis.

Service Contract Education and Training Trust Fund (“SCETT Fund”)

The Service Contract Education and Training Trust Fund (“SCETT Fund”), a joint labor-management trust fund established in 1978 by the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) and various employers in the service contract industry whose employees are represented for collective bargaining purposes by LIUNA and affiliated Local Unions. The SCETT Fund exists primarily to provide education and job training benefits and related programs for employees in the service contract industry and thereby foster their employability, productivity, skills, knowledge, health and safety.

Coverage includes a wide range of occupations including janitorial, grounds maintenance, food service, dining facilities, aseptic hospital management and housekeeping.  Please contact Laborers’ Local 341 for more information and eligibility.



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