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It is hereby declared to be the policy of the United States to,.. encourag[e] the practice and procedure of collective bargaining and [to] protect… the exercise by workers of full freedom of association, self-organization and designation of representatives of their own choosing, for the purpose of negotiating the terms and conditions of their employment or other mutual aid or protection.

— National Labor Relations Act

How to Become a Member of Laborers’ Local 341 (Organizing)

The Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA) is an extremely diverse organization that represents union members in the construction, healthcare, service contract, and public sector industries.  If you would like to join the Laborers in any one of these industries, or believe that you or your hard-working co-workers are being mistreated, please contact Laborers’ Local 341 for detailed instructions.  There is nothing illegal about becoming a union workforce!

We have provided some information to demonstrate how a union workforce can be safer and more prosperous for employees and establish faster production rates at a lower cost for employers.

Union Wages

What Does Organizing Mean?

Organizing individuals, employers, or industries is the process of becoming a Union member.  All it takes is the support of your co-workers, and with the proper representation, you and everyone around you can begin to benefit through improved working conditions, decent wages, and respectable benefits.

In 2003, LiUNA established an organizing coalition with more than 200 Organizers working to enlist a new generation of Laborers and fight to win back our markets. As strong as we are, we are at the crossroads where everyone, every member and every leader will determine our future. Hundreds of organizers will not be enough. If you already have the privilege of being a Laborer, help other workers try to attain the same privileges If you’re not yet a member of this great international union, contact our organizing department and join us.

How you can take action in support of organizing:

  • Volunteer at least three days a year for your union. Contact your local Union to find out how
  • Support your Union brothers and sisters whether Laborers or members of other Unions are on a picket line, rally or other event
  • Participate in get-out-to-vote efforts. Contact your local Union or district council to find out where you can help the most

Its important to support your local Union and help to increase our market share. Any person that you come in contact with that would like to know about the benefits of a Union or a company that you are working with or know of, have them contact the Organizing department or tell them of all the ways Local 341 can help them as well as the contractor with Union Laborers.

Know the facts – What is Right-to-Work?

So-called Right-to-Work doesn’t create jobs. It turns good union jobs into bad jobs.

  • Workers in so-called right-to-work states make about $5,300 less per year.
  • In so-called right-to-work states, fewer are free to join a union, slashing retirement contributions and crippling pensions.
  • You might call it “right-to-work to death” – the workplace death rate is 36 percent higher in so-called right-to-work states.

Right-to-Work For Less

Zack Fields
Director of Business Development

Zack Fields has worked with service and long term care employees on successful organizing campaigns, and has collaborated with construction company owners to utilize the Laborers hiring hall to complete projects. He has public policy experience at the state, local and federal level, and has worked on electoral and issue campaigns ranging from Municipal Assembly to Governor’s races. He and his spouse have two young children and live in downtown Anchorage. They enjoy camping, paddling, skiing, fishing, and reading.

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