Health Care Workers are Organizing

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1. Sign Bargaining Cards
2. Vote in secret-ballot election to form union
3. Win Collective Bargaining Agreement contract to improve wages, benefits, working conditions

All across the United States, health care workers are organizing for better working conditions, better wages, and benefits.  Learn how Laborers’ Local 341 can help you and your co-workers improve your quality of life.

Pharmacists, Technicians, and other professionals
Cleveland Walgreens
CVS Employees Joining Walgreens Employees

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Know Your Rights

Federal law (National Labor Relations Act) protects your right to organize without fear of retaliation. Your decision to sign a bargaining card is confidential from your employer. How you vote in a union election is also confidential.

Local 341 represents numerous health care facilities throughout south central Alaska.  Learn how Unions improve wages, benefits, and working conditions.

There are numerous studies about how unions raise wages and benefits and improve working conditions in a wide range of industries. Many health care workers from pharmacists to doctors to physical therapists are unionizing right now to improve wages and benefits, improve patient care, and maintain control over your own schedule.  A union gives you the power through collective bargaining to protect your interests and the interests of patients who depend on adequate staffing, whether that’s at a pharmacy or hospital or long term care facility.

Alaska is in the top five states in the U.S. for union participation, and unions are a major reason we have higher wages and lower income inequality than most states. We have strong union membership in health care, construction, the service sector, hospitality, the public sector, and oil and gas.  Alaska’s strong unions go back to the statehood era, when labor advocates wrote some of the strongest labor laws in America into state law.

To review recent studies of how unions empower individuals, here are studies from the Center for American Progress, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, Economic Policy Institute, and recent reporting from Bloomberg and the New York Times.