Wes Canfield – Healthcare Workers Agent

I am a second generation Laborer that started my career in 1998, in the steel yard of Dimond Fabricators, a subsidiary of Anchorage Sand & Gravel. After working in all 11 divisions of AS&G, I worked my way into a Foreman position and recognized by the Hall as the Shop Steward in 2011.
I like to think of my 15 years at AS&G as “my apprenticeship.” In the winter of ‘13/’14 I decided to take advantage of the training offered at our tremendous training school and signed up for the grade checking class and then the pipe laying class. I took those trainings while working on a dispatch with Alaska Concrete Sawing on the LIO remodel downtown.
The summer of ‘14 I worked as a Pipe Layer with a small contractor Alaska X. The summer of 2015 I worked on the northbound Eagle River Bridge with my brother John and was made Foreman of the 20,000 sq ft, MSE wall. I joined the Eboard that fall and have served on it since.
I then interviewed with the training school and was offered the job as Apprentice Coordinator in February of 2016, a job I took tremendous pride in as I saw an opportunity to give back to the Union that has afforded my family and me so much. Being raised in a family of 4 kids, I being the oldest, this position was a natural fit for me. It afforded me the opportunity to help the next generation of Laborers navigate their way into a new career, while seeing the other areas of work I had yet to experience as a laborer, which I feel have directly led me to be your Business Agent now.
I’m a straight shooter and call it like I see it. I believe in treating others the way you wish to be treated and will stand beside all of you as we collectively continue to be the best Union in the country. When not representing our members, you can find me on a body of water daring a fish to get near my hook, in the woods or mountains looking to fill my family’s freezer, or spending time with my better half and 2 young children while doing what Alaskan’s do!

I am excited to be on this career path and it is my honor to stand beside and support our healthcare Laborers.


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