Lynda McCarty – Healthcare Workers Agent

Lynda McCarty

I am a lifelong Alaskan; born and raised in Kodiak. In my late teens I spent my summers working at remote lodges as a crew member and my winters working for the City of Kodiak in the parks and recreation department. I moved to Anchorage in July of 2011 to pursue a college education and I worked primarily in retail and customer service while I was in school. I earned an associate’s degree in nursing from the University of Alaska Anchorage and graduated with Alpha Delta Nu honors. I then obtained my RN license for the State of Alaska and went on to complete an RN-BSN program through Western Governor’s University.

I became a Laborer in 2017 when I went to work for a skilled nursing facility in Anchorage. I was a nurse preceptor and actively served as a union steward there for about two years before I came to work at the Local 341 as the healthcare representative. I have a heart for nursing education and a lively temperament with a passion to protect healthcare workers’ rights.

I am excited to be on this career path and it is my honor to stand beside and support our healthcare Laborers.


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