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The Northwest Region Organizing Collation’s organizing representative in Local 341’s area is Patrick Falon.

2501 Commercial Dr.
Anchorage, AK 99501
Phone: 907-341-0341

It is hereby declared to be the policy of the United States to,.. encourag[e] the practice and procedure of collective bargaining and [to] protect... the exercise by workers of full freedom of association, self-organization and designation of representatives of their own choosing, for the purpose of negotiating the terms and conditions of their employment or other mutual aid or protection.

-- National Labor Relations Act

How to Become a Member of Laborers' Local 341 (Organizing)

The Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA) is an extremely diverse organization that represents union members in the construction, healthcare, service contract, and public sector industries.  If you would like to join the Laborers in any one of these industries, or believe that you or your hard-working co-workers are being mistreated, please contact Laborers' Local 341 for detailed instructions.  There is nothing illegal about becoming a union workforce!

We have provided some information to demonstrate how a union workforce can be safer and more prosperous for employees and establish faster production rates at a lower cost for employers.

--U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Union Members in 2005

--Economic Policy Institute

What Does Organizing Mean?

Organizing individuals, employers, or industries is the process of becoming a Union member.  All it takes is the support of your co-workers, and with the proper representation, you and everyone around you can begin to benefit through improved working conditions, decent wages, and respectable benefits.

In 2003, LiUNA established an organizing coalition with more than 200 Organizers working to enlist a new generation of Laborers and fight to win back our markets. As strong as we are, we are at the crossroads where everyone, every member and every leader will determine our future. Hundreds of organizers will not be enough. If you already have the privilege of being a Laborer, help other workers try to attain the same privileges If you’re not yet a member of this great international union, contact our organizing department and join us.

How you can take action in support of organizing:

  • Volunteer at least three days a year for your union. Contact your local Union to find out how
  • Support your Union brothers and sisters whether Laborers or members of other Unions are on a picket line, rally or other event
  • Participate in get-out-to-vote efforts. Contact your local Union or district council to find out where you can help the most
Its important to support your local Union and help to increase our market share. Any person that you come in contact with that would like to know about the benefits of a Union or a company that you are working with or know of, have them contact the Organizing department or tell them of all the ways Local 341 can help them as well as the contractor with Union Laborers.


"Unions have done more for the American people and received less credit for their efforts than any institution in our nation they have played an important role in the passage of virtually every piece of social legislation that directly and indirectly benefits the American family."

--Harry Kelber, long time Union educator and editor of The Labor Educator

Hiring Hall Policy

We accept applications for our Hiring Hall Monday-Friday between the hours of 10am and 11am . There is a $34 per month Hiring Hall fee that is due on the first of every month to retain your list status. We have a 12 month Alaska Residency requirement to qualify for our D list. Download the Membership Application now and begin to experience the Laborers' Difference!
We require that you bring in proof of residency by way of one of the following ways:

  • A current Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) notice of approval


  • Current Alaska state fishing or hunting License

  • Copies of checks wirtten in Alaska for each of the last 12 months that
    are in your name

  • If you are unable to prove residency or have not been in Alaska for the last 12 consecutive months you could still sign up but you would only qualified to be put on our E list. If you have prior Construction Labor experience such as pouring concrete, laying water and sewer line, or packing building materials it is to your benefit to bring in a resume. If you are interested in our Apprenticeship program please contact the Alaska Laborers Training School at (907) 345-3853.

    If you have any questions or need further assistance please come by Laborers' Local 341 between 10am and 11am Monday through Friday. We are located at 2501 Commercial Drive in Anchorage, AK.

    Alaska Union Laborers and Apprentices are well-trained, skilled and productive workers.

    Hiring halls provide an available pool of workers. Union wages attract quality workers and ensure retention.

    Alaska Union Laborers are fit for duty, on time and dependable.

    Skills training and required certifications are provided through stationary and mobile training programs at no cost.

    First Aid, CPR and MSHA training are provided to all apprentices and journeyman upon request.

    Signatory contractors work for both union and non-union general contractors. We have the ability to put your companies name out to contractors looking for subs.

    Quality foreman and supervisor training programs are available to all qualified Alaska Union Laborers. Blue print reading and crew management are the core component of this class.

    The Myths and Truths about working with the Alaska Laborers Union

    Myth: Union Labor costs too much (i.e. high wages)
    Truth: Qualified, skilled Alaska Union Laborers provide lower union costs through quality work and high productivity.

    Myth: Union Laborers’ skills are restricted to “pick and shovel” work and cleanup.
    Truth: Laborers’ skills include concrete placement, demolition, pipe laying, grade checking and traffic control supervisors, just to name a few.

    Myth: Union Contractors have no control over the workforce.
    Truth: Contractors can hire, fire, and layoff Laborers, and can direct the workforce as needed to accomplish the work.

    Myth: Union Contractors limit flexibility and productivity, and dictate restrictive work rules and working conditions on construction jobsites.
    Truth: Labor agreements do not limit workers productivity, and are responsive to contractors’ needs for flexibility.

    Myth: Union Contractors have no control over hiring.
    Truth: Contractors can specify skills, request workers by name, determine qualifications, and reject any referral from the Union.

    Myth: Unions bully contractors, disrupt operations and cause irreparable damage to my company.
    Truth: Today’s Laborers are committed to meeting needs of contractors through cooperative partnerships and productive work practices.

    Myth: I can’t compete against local contractors as a union contractor in my market niche.
    Truth: Current markets include many successful union contractors and subcontractors. We often negotiate contracts unique to certain market niches.

    Myth: If I sign your agreement, my guys will be hit with huge fees and union dues, and they will be replaced with “union cronies”.
    Truth: Yes, there are dues, however the long-term benefits will more than offset the cost of union fees, and the laws prohibit excluding “your guys” from the Union.

    Myth: Foreman and General Foreman on union projects are non-productive cronies of union officials.
    Truth: Foreman may be selected from any source. Laborer Foreman are skilled in supervisory practices and problem solving.

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