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Meet the Officers

The members of Laborers' Local 341 elected the officers in 2013. Here is a brief introduction and thank you from each.


2014 Solidarity Picnic

Sunday, June 8th, labor union members and their families will be joining together on the West end of Anchorage’s Park Strip from noon until 4:00 p.m. in celebration of working family values.  As a member you may bring a non-member guest. 

Musical entertainment will be provided by the popular band “H3” and keynote speakers will be US Senator Mark Begich at 1:30, followed by State Senator Bill Wielechowski, and House Minority Leader Chris Tuck.  Former Commissioner of Labor Ed Flanagan will also speak about the Minimum Wage Initiative. 

Special Events include the IAFF 1264 Firefighter’s Truck, Anchorage Police Department Employee’s Associations “Special” Squad Car, games and events for the children, and most importantly an opportunity to share in conversation with working family members of labor unions.

Food includes hot dogs, hamburgers, and various other side dishes and treats. 

Endorsed MTA Board Member Candidates


Chief Governance Officer
Earl Lackey
(907) 376-1003
Toll Free (855) 376-1003
Catherine Fosselman
(907) 373-6898
Toll Free (877) 357-6898


Joey Merrick - Business Manager / Secretary Treasurer of Laborers' Local 341.


Ron McPheters - President of Laborers' Local 341

Say No to Ordinance 37!
Here's a message from your friends and neighbors giving an example of how outsourcing might impact Anchorage services if Ordinance 37 doesn't get reversed.

Unions set the standards for wages and benefits that even non-union employers follow.

--“a high school graduate whose workplace is not unionized but whose industry is 25% unionized is paid 5% more than similar workers in less unionized industries.”

Perhaps even more importantly, the hard work of Unions over the years has created an environment in which workers can expect certain protections on the job. The concepts of minimum wage, overtime pay, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, family medical leave for the care of newborns or sick family members, and protections for basic civil rights have come about largely thru the tireless efforts of Labor Unions. Unions play a vital role in enforcing these labor protection laws as well. The development of grievance procedures which provides “due process” in the workplace, is used by nonunion employers, but is a tried and true Union idea.

Unions, which are non profit organizations, support our community thru charitable activities, such as United Way campaigns and sponsoring youth sports teams. Unions promote education thru apprenticeship programs, scholarships, and re-imbursement for continuing education.

If there is a way to improve the lives of our members we want to be involved!

Laborers Local 341 -> The Labor Union working for Anchorage, Alaska - Alaska Laborers Union. The Alaska Labor Union that is continuing to provide training, fair pay, fair working conditions, workers rights to the Alaskan Laborer.

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